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DAY 0 - Profitable Personal Brand Summit Kick-Off Party
Behind the Scenes of the Profitable Personal Brand Summit & How to Get The Most Out of This Epic Online Event with Lyndsey Johnson
May 12, Sunday @ 4:00 PM EST  | 9:00 PM GMT       
Lyndsey Johnson, the host of Profitable Personal Brand Summit, kicks off one of the most epic online events of the year with a huge bang... There might be a few surprises as well, so don’t miss Lyndsey’s live opening kickoff party!  

Day 1: Brand 101
Putting the YOU into your business With Amy Purdie
May 13, Monday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Veteran online entrepreneur Amy Purdie shows you step-by-step, behind the scenes of using the tree technique to inject more YOU into your business and power up your brand.        

How Headshots And Selfies Are A Key Part Of Your Personal Brand With Laura Pearman
May 13, Monday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
International Headshots Photographer & Selfie Queen, Laura Pearman explores the importance of branded headshots in building your brand and shows how to increase engagement and social reach using your smartphone.
Creating And Maintaining A Visual Brand Identity With Hollie Ellis
May 13, Monday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
With clients ranging from blue chip organisations to SME’s, Hollie will show you how to use your branding to create recognition, memorability and increase your expert positioning through visual brand identity.

Discover The Most Important Legal Tasks To Tackle Based On Your Stage Of Business, To Protect Your Dream Business From Content Thieves, Clients Who Don’t Pay, And Expensive Mistakes You Realize You Were Making with Valerie Del Grosso
May 13, Monday @  1pm ET  |  6pm GMT
So that you can have the freedom and security to give your business your all, with Valerie Del Grosso, the friendly lawyer for coaches and consultants

Evolving Your Personal Style So You Are Easily ‘On Brand’ And Always Full Of Confidence with Nichola English
May 13, Monday @  1pm ET  |  6pm GMT
Nichola English will be teaching how to choose the right clothes for you based on your personal brand characteristics and grow your confidence, inside and out.

How To Use Google Slides/ PowerPoint To DIY Your Branding With Dee Woodward
May 13, Monday @  1pm ET  |  6pm GMT
Dee Woodward is teaching you how to create your own artwork with using her super speedy design hack that will leave you with beautiful PDFs & Graphics

Day 2: Spreading Your Message And Being Heard
How To Use Storytelling To Build Your Personal Brand With Jessica Valour
May 14, Tuesday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Jessica Valour will give you her proven approach to storytelling, even if you lack the confidence to share it right now.  

Creating Sales Copy In The ‘Connection’ Economy With Lee Rowley
May 14, Tuesday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Copybrander, Lee Rowley explains how to use Copybranding to forge connections in a personal approach to brand marketing, a technique he developed that has doubled his clients’ conversions and revenues.
How To Become A Tedx Speaker With Abeer Fahim
May 14, Tuesday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Abeer Fahim PHD, explains the process on how to become a Tedx Speaker and how she has used public speaking to build her own platform, Juliet turns the page to over 155,000 engaged fans.

How To Use Your Personal Story To Skyrocket Your Brand By Book Publishing With Sam Houghton
May 14, Tuesday @  1pm ET  |  6pm GMT
Sam Houghton, multi award winning author teaches the ‘how to’ of writing and publishing your own book.
How to do less work to drive more traffic and engagement on social media With Megan McMullin, Meet Edgar
May 14, Tuesday @  1pm ET  |  6pm GMT
Megan McMullin will guide you through exactly how to increase your traffic and engagement but without having to be a non stop social butterfly and without the overwhelming to do list. 
BONUS: Creating Consistency In Your Cash Flow For More Reliable, Predictable Pay Checks With Amanda Goldman-Petri
May 14, Tuesday @  1pm ET  |  6pm GMT
AGP as she is better known is an expert in creating consistent cash flow and will guide you through her step by step system to ensuring cash becomes consistent.
Day 3: Marketing
3 Steps To Profit From A Facebook Group With Christina Jandali
May 15, Wednesday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Christina Jandali teaches how to profit from a Facebook group and to easily turn group members into paying clients as she helps online business owners stand out, get seen and create 6-figure profits using the power of Facebook
How to make profits from affiliate marketing and promoting things you love (without feeling sleazy!) With Rachel Lee
May 15, Wednesday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Rachel Lee teaches others how to make money online with affiliate marketing so they can have complete time and location freedom.
Getting you out of the money plateau into multiple 6-figure bliss With Kimra Luna
May 15, Wednesday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Kimra Luna knows what it takes to build a successful business while maintaining that authentic you and will be sharing some of her success secrets to go from burnt out to bliss.
How to generate more income and time the smart way With Andrew & Pete
May 15 Wednesday @ 1pm ET | 6pm GMT
Andrew and Pete will explain their own strategies for how personal brand based businesses can generate more income and time.
The New Way To Use Video To Accelerate Sales And Improve Customer Experience With Ethan Beute, BombBomb
May 15 Wednesday @ 1pm ET | 6pm GMT
Psst… Since Bomb Bomb are supporting the event, I’ve managed to score you an amazing OFFER (but only when you upgrade to Profitable Personal Brandl Premium Pass... you can’t get this special offer anywhere else). 
Fishing in the Pinterest Ocean With Paul Scrivens
May 15, Wednesday @ 1pm ET | 6pm GMT
Paul ‘Scrivs’ Scrivens, the ‘accidental entrepreneur’ talks about how to utilise the most underused platform in the industry to drive traffic and your audience into your offers by using Pinterest
How to fall back in love with your business with Melitta Campbell
May 15, Wednesday @ 1pm ET | 6pm GMT
Learn how to turn your doubts into determination and build a success mindset, Melitta focuses on helping her clients win the inner-game of success, as well as understanding the core principles and practicalities of business success and growth.
Day 4: All Things Social
How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Video & Facebook Ads with Gavin Bell
May 16, Thursday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Multi-award winning entrepreneur, Gavin Bell really knows his onions when it comes to Facebook ads and will be explaining the best strategies for 2019
How To Secure Business Growth And Super Fans With Retention Marketing With Dorien Morin-Van Dam
May 16,  Thursday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Dorien is a seasoned social media consultant, community manager and trainer and will be explaining how to find super fans, and use communities to turbo charge your business growth.

The Real Reason Facebook Ads Are Dying And How To Combat The ‘Bro Marketing Epidemic’ So You Can Be More Profitable With Amanda Bond
May 16, Thursday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Amanda Bond, talks us through her take on the ‘Bro marketing’ epidemic and explains the strategies you can use to protect your business and your ads from it’s impact.
Using Linkedin To Build Your Brand, Develop Relationships And Generate Leads With Josh Turner
May 16, Thursday @  1pm ET  |  6pm GMT
Ever wondered how to make LinkedIn generate leads for your business? Josh Turner is going to show you exactly how in this turbo charged session.
How To Make Your Personal Brand Profitable For You Using Twitter With May King Tsang
May 16,  Thursday @ 1pm ET | 6pm GMT
May King Tsang walks us through how she uses Twitter as her main platform to build profitable brands from zero to trending, with sell out success and uses live tweeting and FOMO to build momentum during launches. Warning -Tea Puns Included
How she did it: Case study & Money Mindset With Lauren Eliz Love
May 16,  Thursday @ 1pm ET | 6pm GMT
Lauren Eliz Love is host to the Badass Business podcast that has fans raving and will be sharing her experiences of growing her business and the tactics she is using to keep growing her profitable business in 2019
Top 5 FB Ad Hacks That Are Working In 2019 With Larry Kim
May 16,  Thursday @ 1pm ET | 6pm GMT
Larry Kim, from Mobile Monkey will teach you step by step how to get the best ad hacks working in your business to grow your audience and your reach.
Day 5: Creation & Connections
How To Transform Your Passion Into Profits With Online Courses With Jess Catorc, Teachable
May 17,  Friday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Jess Catorc is an online brand strategist, leading Partnerships at Teachable in New York City and will walk you through how to create profitable courses with Teachable.
Unknown To Unforgettable: How To Stop Playing Small, Land National Media Attention and Position Yourself As A Power Player With Ashley Crouch
May 17,  Friday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Ashley’s session is a must see for anyone who is thinking about using PR to grow their brand - even if you think you are too small to use it yet
How To Get Rid Of Imposter Syndrome & How To Connect With Influencers & Build Long Lasting Relationships With Fabienne Raphael
May 17,  Friday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Fabienne teaches how to build relationship connections with influencers and how to beat issues that have been holding you back from connecting.

How To Build And Leverage Your Podcast For Global Credibility With Nina Dafe
May 17, Friday @ 1pm ET | 6pm GMT
Nina Dafe explains how to build connections through podcasting and leverage them to build a thriving, heart centred and profitable business.
Releasing The Power of Sales Funnels By Focusing On User Experience and Buyer Psychology With Lyndsey Johnson
May 17, Friday @ 1pm ET | 6pm GMT
Lyndsey Johnson, host of Profitable Personal Brand Summit will guide you through the step by step approach to creating a single sales funnel and stacking funnels to create the ultimate power combination.
From Surviving to Thriving In Life & In Business With Lisa Marie Pepe
May 17, Friday @ 1pm ET | 6pm GMT
Lisa Marie Pepe explores mindset and the changes required in order to be able to support the move from surviving to thriving
Day 6: Sales & Visibility
5 Fast & Easy Ways To Get Known As The Expert In Your Niche And Hit 5 Figure Months Like A Pro (Even If You’re New) Without The Overwhelm And Burnout With Ann Strout
May 18,  Saturday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Ann Strout teaches all things sales in this real and raw session, where you’ll discover sales without sleaze. 
How To Create A Premium Membership, Even If You’re Starting Out Or Don’t Have A Big Audience With Mackenzie Fox. 
May 18,  Saturday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Mackenzie Fox will be walking you through the steps it takes to create a stream of monthly recurring income inside a manageable Premium membership.
Build A Profitable Personal Brand & Get Paid To Build A Large, Engaged Email List By Hosting A Wildly Successful Virtual Summit With Navid Moazzez
May 18,  Saturday @ 6am ET | 11 AM GMT
Navid Moazzez teaches how to build your first virtual summit, leverage the momentum and create instant authority

DIY V’s Hire: When To Outsource Your SEO Content (+ Top SEO Myths That Have Been Leading You Astray) With Jessica Foster
May 18, Saturday @ 1pm ET | 6pm GMT
Jessica Foster talks how to build organic traffic using SEO and get traffic from search engines.

Plus, we have several bonus speakers who we will be announcing in the run up to the session.
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